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So how does fiber backed wireless internet work?

This is the data centers that are connected to the “cloud.” This is where we connect to the world wide web. It’s kind of complicated, but essentially the internet is just a bunch of computers talking to each other.
The little line right above this dot represents the fiber that we have run to our tower. Trust us, it’s much longer than the 2 cm you see above. This is what allows us to provide true high speed internet that is reliable and not based on the super old copper coax lines that cover the rest of the US.
This is our tower connected to our fiber. On our towers we put industry leading, carrier grade access points that allow us to broadcast our signal up to 6 miles away.
This is your home, business, or outdoor wifi hotspot (coming to a city park near you) receiving signal from our tower. You’re receiving really fast internet now… go watch Netflix or something :-).

We run fiber to our towers and then use industry leading, carrier grade equipment to beam the signal right to your house.

Is this like Satellite internet?

Noooo, definitely not. Satellite internet is cool if you are in Antarctica or something, but for those of us that actually need internet we can use….wireless is much better. Think of it like your mobile phone works. The antenna we put on your house transmits signal back and forth to our tower. That’s how you get internet.

Sending a signal around space to satellites and stuff takes waaayyyy too long. That’s why a lot of banking and other high security sites don’t play well with satellite internet. Our pings (time it takes for signal to travel back and forth) are right about the same as a traditional fiber-to-home internet company.

Can I get service?

We certainly hope so! The best way to know if you get service is for one of our service techs to come out and verify line of sight to our tower. As long as we can get a good signal reading, you should be good to go!

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What about trees?

If the area around your house resembles the Sequoia National Forest, then we might not be able to give you service right now (but we’re working on something for that). Fixed wireless requires at least partial line of sight to our tower. BUT…..this is determined from your roof….not the ground, so we always recommend having one of our service techs come and check service availability.

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How does bad weather affect my internet?

While we can’t say 100% that inclement weather won’t affect your service, weather shouldn’t really have much of an impact. Tornados aren’t very friendly, but besides that there might only be minor fluctuations in your service. Since the signal is wireless you don’t have to worry about copper wires getting wet like most rural providers have trouble with.

Can I use my own equipment

Unfortunately, we require that you use our equipment. Our equipment talks directly to our tower so we can monitor the health of our network all the way down to the router. That means if a problem occurs, we can identify, troubleshoot and fix problems really quickly. Think of it like how Apple keeps a closed software system so their computers don’t get viruses…..our system is a lot like that.

We respect that you want to make sure you have great equipment in your house so you can get the fastest speeds possible. That’s why we spent extra money to get high quality routers that broadcast strong signals with extended range and the capability to connect up to 128 devices.

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